Give some bike love!

This holiday we're partnering with Treehouse and Holly House to bring their youth a little bike love!  These organizations provide an incredible support system for foster families and low income children and strive to meet their basic needs.  Our mission is to go one step beyond that and provide the gift of a bike to the families they serve. Bikes give children freedom, independence, confidence, socialization and often times transportation to a job or program after school for older youth.  With the increase of anxiety, stress and mental health issues in our children, it becomes imperative that we give them a healthy, physical and mental outlet.  

A new bike and helmet cost us $50, but no donation is too small!  All donations go to the purchase of bikes and helmets for kids.  If you have room in your holiday giving this year, we would really appreciate your support.  Thanks for giving a little bike magic this year! :)

Tom and Amy


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  • Karan Ross
    commented 2021-09-21 11:57:14 -0700
    I’m not for sure how to go about asking but my daughter is 8 years old and fir an 8 year old she’s been thru alit all of her grandparents have passed she has one aunt left me wich is mom and dad and brother and sister left everything she had we list we are starting all over well we we went and got her a bran new bike it was blue which is what she wanted and she took care if it she has never left it even set out in the rain then one moring we went out to get in the school bus and we looked and get bike was gone I do not have the money to but another one single parent with no I come can you please help my phone number is7402498040
  • Amy Hayes
    published this page in Blog 2019-10-25 11:46:43 -0700


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