Give some bike love!

This holiday we're partnering with Treehouse and Holly House to bring their youth a little bike love!  These organizations provide an incredible support system for foster families and low income children and strive to meet their basic needs.  Our mission is to go one step beyond that and provide the gift of a bike to the families they serve. Bikes give children freedom, independence, confidence, socialization and often times transportation to a job or program after school for older youth.  With the increase of anxiety, stress and mental health issues in our children, it becomes imperative that we give them a healthy, physical and mental outlet.  

A new bike and helmet cost us $50, but no donation is too small!  All donations go to the purchase of bikes and helmets for kids.  If you have room in your holiday giving this year, we would really appreciate your support.  Thanks for giving a little bike magic this year! :)

Tom and Amy


Our holiday bike drive is here!

This holiday season we're teaming up with Treehouse and Friends of Youth to give their kids some bike magic!  We've committed to giving over 200 bikes to these amazing organizations and we need your help to do it.  A new bike and helmet cost us $50, but no donation is too small and every dollar gets us closer to our goal.  If you have room in your holiday giving this year, please consider donating to Kids Need Bikes!  Thank you for your support!

It's (almost) Summer!

Summer reminds us of popscicles, playing outside until dark and cruising the neighborhood on two wheels. It's a great time of year to gift a bike to a child in need. We've partnered with Treehouse and Friends of Youth this time to provide 64 bikes and helmets to the kids they serve just in time for Summer. For $50 you can give a child the joy of a bike and the safety of a helmet! Thank you for supporting us and helping to make summer a little bit brighter for these kids!

More bikes? More bikes!

It's pretty hard to say no when one of your favorite organizations asks for a little help!

Every holiday season Treehouse provides an amazing program, Holiday Magic, for its foster youth and their families. Foster youth that are 18 or over and still receive services from the state are eligible for this program.  Families, social workers or care givers can request a gift for the youth in their care through this program and the gift will be sent directly to them.  It's a great way to reach and support foster youth outside the greater Seattle area.  This season, we learned that their gift inventory is low and so Kids Need Bikes has committed to giving them 100 additional bikes for this program.  

We need to raise funds for 300 bikes for kids and we're going to need your help to do it!  Whether you donate, volunteer, or spread awareness by liking us on facebook or sharing our page, you are making a difference in the lives of these kids.

Let's get rolling!

Holiday Bike Drive 2017!

We're ramping up for our holiday bike drive and we need your help!  The plan is to give 200 bikes and helmets to two amazing local organizations, Treehouse and Holly House.  Both serve underprivileged youth in the greater Seattle area.  A bike and helmet cost us about $50, so it doesn't take much to get these kiddos rolling!  Whether you can donate your time or cash, we and especially the kids, appreciate your help!


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